To what extent do African Americans and white Americans experience the same America? How do policy choices shape those experiences, and what influences those choices? By focusing on racial disparities in traffic stop outcomes, our team seeks to study these questions. For the work I am involved with, see the projects below. For the broader project’s website see:

Under Contract
Baumgartner, Frank R., Derek A. Epp, and Kelsey Shoub. Eroding Trust, Policing Anger: How Racial Disparities in Traffic Stops Threaten Democratic Values. Under contract with Cambridge University Press. Full manuscript under review (July 2017).

Using information on over 20 million traffic stops, we explore: 1) the extent to which racial disparities in traffic stop outcomes exist in North Carolina; 2) their political sources; and 3) potential policy responses to disparities.


Baumgartner, Frank R., Leah Christiani, Derek A. Epp, Kevin Roach, and Kelsey Shoub. 2017. Racial Disparities in Traffic Stop Outcomes. Duke Forum for Law and Social Change, 9: 21-53.

Click here for a copy of the spreadsheet showing traffic stop statistics for over 600 yearly police agency results throughout the country, on which our study is based.

Media Coverage:

Baumgartner, Frank R., Derek A. Epp, Kelsey Shoub, and Bayard Love. 2017. Targeting Young Men of Color for Search and Arrest during Traffic Stops: Evidence from North Carolina, 2002-2013. Politics, Groups, and Identities. Vol. 5, No. 1: 107-131.

Media Coverage:

Working Paper(s)

Frank Baumgartner, Leah Christiani, Derek A. Epp, Kevin Roach, and Kelsey ShoubAssessing Racial Disparities in Traffic Stops . Paper to be presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, August 31-September 3, 2017.