Under Review
Eroding Trust, Policing Anger: How Racial Disparities in Traffic Stops Threaten Democratic Voices. with Frank Baumgartner and Derek Epp.
Using information on over 18 million traffic stops spanning from 2000 to 2015, this book explores: 1) the extent to which racial disparities in outcomes following a stop exist in North Carolina; and 2) the political sources of these disparities. 4 chapters submitted for initial review to a top university press, January 2017. Completed manuscript expected for review, June 2017.

Baumgartner, Frank R., Leah Christiani, Derek A. Epp, Kevin Roach, and Kelsey Shoub. 2017. Racial Disparities in Traffic Stop Outcomes. Duke Forum for Law and Social Change, forthcoming.

Baumgartner, Frank R., Derek A. Epp, Kelsey Shoub, and Bayard Love. 2016. Targeting Young Men of Color for Search and Arrest during Traffic Stops: Evidence from North Carolina, 2002-2013. Politics, Groups, and Identities.

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