Currently, I am pursuing three research agendas. First, I am interested in the role, shape, and influence of elite communication on the policy process. I am a founding member and the lead organizer of the Chapel Hill American Media Project, which is an effort by faculty and graduate students at (or affiliated with) UNC to collect and analyze television news on major network and cable channels in the US about who provides political coverage, what topics receive attention, and how political issues are discussed. Second, I am interested in developing and testing the properties of various methods of text analysis that can be applied to the evaluation of the policy process and elite communication. My dissertation pulls these two agendas together. In it, I pose the question: how does framing shape policy? In this work, I am develop a semi-supervised method of classifying arguments over time. Third, I examine enduring inequalities in the US today. This research is currently focused on examining racial bias in traffic stops and related outcomes in North Carolina.